"Enterprise confidant" in the action | to promote the "three focus" service to "revitalize" enterprises

来源:   时间: 2023-08-22 14:24
 "Enterprise knowing people" Zhao Yi successfully revitalized the "double stop" enterprise Jilin City Lanyang Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., LTD in the process of carrying out the "nine solutions and one coordination" service enterprise。
 First, activate the "double stop" enterprises and pay attention to exploring the market
 Actively docking enterprises, learned that the company due to the market contraction and poor sales collection and other factors, resulting in production and operation difficulties。Therefore, the first task is to assist enterprises to explore the market and find high-quality orders。According to the investigation of Jilin City's outsourcing to domestic purchasing, supply opportunities are sought from the list of outsourcing products of enterprises in Jilin city to reduce outsourcing costs。Actively contact downstream related enterprises, dig deep cooperation pointcuts, and assist upstream and downstream enterprises to connect。Continue to contact the original customers of the enterprise, win orders, and expand the cooperation space。At present, the company2023Completed output value in the first half of this year300For the downstream enterprises supporting the production of metal equipment is expected to increase the output value100万元。
 Second, to carry out enterprise cultivation, pay attention to science and technology services
 Cultivate enterprises in a variety of ways。At present, there are38The household enterprise successfully passed the national evaluation of small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises,17Individual project application2024Annual Jilin Province science and technology development plan, actively assist20A household enterprise applies for recognition as a high-tech enterprise。推进19Enterprises and Jilin University cooperate to build school-enterprise research and development center;Promote Jilin Medical College to carry out school-city integration cooperation, docking Luwang Pharmaceutical, Zhongke Juyan and other enterprises, and sign school-enterprise cooperation agreements。
 Third, add impetus to development and focus on financial policy
 Carry out scientific and technological financial services, recommend fungus whole industry chain project, hybrid drone project to apply for municipal investment and fundraising projects, and organize32Enterprises to participate in the high-tech enterprise identification management policy and R & D cost plus deduction policy Jilin City special training meeting, to guide enterprises to know the policy, make good use of R & D cost policy, promote Wanfeng Aowei, FAW Jilin and so on10Enterprises to strive for "free to enjoy" provincialRDGrant funds invested, total97.9万元。(Service enterprise office Shi Jianguo